How organozations use cyboro

Capture, Proof &
convert customers

Easily embed customer registration forms, login boxes, and user authentication options for your applications. Prove an unknown user’s real identity, in real-time, during your onboarding or KYC process. Can embed forms from third-party websites and services including NetSuite, Oracle PeopleSoft and many more.Identify real people with pre-built connectors.

Zero Trust IAM

Verify anything and everything trying to connect and benefit from a Zero Trust architecture that focuses on the identity of the user without the disruption to user experience. Overcome the security. Transparent access to all the network and infrastructure assets while ensuring authentication, authorization, data protection and data privacy are all strong fundamentals to ensure a Zero Trust.

Enhance user experience

Web Service : We will provide every manager to authenticate multiple users with a single integration of Mobile App. Conclusion.
We have seen all the cloud based services which can be helpful for. Implement new-age cloud-based real-time verification & charging solutions. Capture consent, SSL authentication, user activity and personalization information.